ICE CREAM SOCIAL - JUNE 26 - 2 pm to 4 pm


Enjoy an Ice Cream Sundae and Break-dancing by students of the https://www.flavoredflowstudio.com/Flavor’d Flow Studio with James Alexander, who grew up in Clintonville.  Expand your musical/dance acuities and learn about hip hop.

All ages from toddler to adult can learn a few steps demonstrated by James.  Or just watch and be totally entertained.

Invite family, friends, grandkids, neighbors, or whomever you can think of to have a day of fun and ICE CREAM!

$5.00 Admission includes one Sundae

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Client Love

"Was there for a private musical event. The venue was clean and well kept. It's a hidden little gem in Clintonville!"

- Perro

“Fabulous facilities for a small private party. Great music ever Monday evening with The Famous Jazz Orchestra and Vaughn Wiester.”

- Milo

"Big band jazz on Monday nights at 7:30 for only $10. The best!"

- Susan


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