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All Clubs and Interest Groups

Social Groups

Evening Book Club
Book Club Community
Chair: Joan Wintermantel, (330-354-4335)
Daytime Book Club
Book Club Community
Chair: Carol Cooper, 614-313-9998
Photography Group
Photography Enjoyment Exchange
Contact Person: Nancy Draudt, 614-267-1442
Travel and Friendship
Co-Chairs: Kelley Hughes, 614-949-4187 and Shirley Palumbo, 614-306-6059
Artistic Friendships Bloom
Chair: Patti Hughes, 614-218-2657
Discovering Arts Together
Chair Person: Ellen Wilson, 614-262-1749
Buds to Bouquets
Gardening Fellowship
Chair: Judy Robinson, 614-447-8043
Welcoming New Members
Chair: Carol Cooper, 614-313-9998
Ladies Night Out
Inclusive Fun Fellowship
Chairs: Judy Robinson, 614-447-8043
Friends Forever
Continuing Friendships Together
Co-Chairs: Carol Russack, 614-447-9459 and Peggy Fawcett, 614-263-0412

Cards and Games Groups

Playing Contract Bridge
Co-Chairs: Carol Raparelli, 614-874-5300 and Joni Shade, 614-975-8738
Mah Jongg Mavens Evening
Playing Mah Jongg
Co-Chairs: Jane Young, 614-389-3638 and Carmela Criswell, 614-580-4105
Mah Jongg Mavens Daytime
Playing Mah Jongg
Chair Person: Carmela Criswell, 614-580-4105
First Thursday Cards
Play cards (Bridge and Euchre)
Co-Chairs: Carol Cooper, 614-313-9998 and Gloria Puskas, 614-296-0334
Bridge Group
Play Bridge
Variety Bridge
Play Variety Bridge
Co-Chairs: Isabel Brown, 614-261-0933 and Sue Conrad, 614-538-0683
Super Euchre
Play Super Euchre
Co-Chairs: Gloria Puskas, 614-296-0334 and Shirley Palumbo, 614-261-9941
Euchre Club
Play Euchre
Play Bridge
Co-Chairs: Kay Neffenger, 614-205-6858 and Marge Wilson, 614-457-2383
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