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The Clintonville Woman’s Club has a long history providing community service and lifelong friendships since 1937

It started with vision.

On February 4, 1939, six Clintonville ladies with entirely different ideas but one vision, met at the home of Mrs. Frank Hiatt to discuss the need for a cultural, charitable and civic group in the community. From this meeting the Clintonville Woman’s Club was founded on February 25, 1939.

All were in accord that a women’s club house where programs for cultural, charitable and civic endeavors could be planned for our community. Invitations were sent to heads of all the service clubs in the community as well as schools and churches. 40 ladies were present at this meeting – and these ladies each invited 5 more representative of group – a membership of 200 were present at our first big club meeting. One year later CWC had 500 members and a waiting list.
A less determined group of women may have been daunted by the onset of WWII.  Instead they increased their community activities.  One of the club’s first initiatives was to clean up and beautify Clintonville.  Their work resulted in a citizens’ memorial.  They called that memorial Memory Lane.  Soon after the establishment of Memory Lane, America entered WWII. The Woman’s Club offered to plant trees along Memory Lane dedicated to those lost during the war. In a very short time, over 110 blooming crabapple trees were planted along both sides of West North Broadway from Olentangy River Road to High Street. Each tree had a plaque placed beneath it referencing the man’s name and rank. One plaque simply honored the “Clintonville Boys.”

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